About Us

Who we are?

Springwell Ministries is the place to enjoy heart lifting and life transforming praise and worship, hear and receive deep revelation of God’s word and above all, a place to join God’s family to preach and evangelize the gospel of the Lord Jesus to the uttermost part of the earth and bring salvation to mankind.  Vision: To preach and evangelize the gospel of the Lord Jesus to the uttermost part of the earth and bring salvation to mankind.    Motto: You will Smile Again.

Mission and Vision

To preach God’s word To bring restoration to the lost soul by preaching the word of God To praise and worship God To fellowship and evangelize Christ in all nations Healing and deliverance ministration To help the less privileged We love to have you.

Prophet John Etubi Aruwa (Senior Pastor)

He has been preaching since his teens and has been in Prophetic ministry for over 35 years. He served in the children ministry of United Evangelical Church in Abuja for about 20 years. Many pastors in the Nigeria has adopted him as their spiritual father. He has a passion for giving and his life has been a blessing to many people.   He is obsessed to preaching the delightful Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the immutable Word of God, and expecting the mighty and miraculous power of the Holy Spirit! Prophet John and his wife, E. A. Etubi are the proud parents of three daughters and a son.

…you will smile again

we love and celebrate you.


Pastor (Mrs) E. O. Etubi (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Jonathan Salifu(Supervising Pastor)
Pastor Friday Apeh (Pastor in Benin Republic)



There will be more Job Opportunities

There will be less attack of the Herdsmen

More food

More political violence

Attack in Bauchi, Plateau, Kogi and Kwara States

Violence in Port Harcourt and many lives will go

Heavy political violence against President and Governors of APC

More senators and house of rep. will go down and will not come back

Pray against the insistent strikes of higher institution as it will want to ground the educational sector

More discoveries in Nigeria economy

Two prominent traditional leaders will die

Pray against sudden death of 2 prominent ex leaders

In 2nd quarter if Buhari comes in, many corrupt leaders will go to jail.

Heavy down pour (Rainfall)

Pray against serious earthquake in the Northern part of the Country and plane crash

Pray against attacks on Pastors who they will want to kill

The atmosphere will be tensed politically but later will be calm

Many false prophet will emerge in the Country as a result of redundancy (unemployment)

A warning for residents in Nyanya-Mararaba for a massive death of youths.

Political violence in Delta State

Watch out against Yobe State and dangerous overtaking of BokoHaram

More loot will be discovered, many imprisoned innocently will be released.

More arms will be discovered in Zamfara State

There will be general global warming

There will be more imminent coming of the Lord this year

Peace corp will come to reality

More fraud discovered in NNPC

He will permit those he wants and will not bring back those he does not want

More peace in Homes

The rate of abortion will increase in teenagers and drug abuse

Pray against insanity in the general population

More financial crises in PDP

More twins this year, barren wombs will bring forth

RCCG should watch out

Pray for Dunamis, Anglican and Catholic Church for religious displays with their Priest and Pastors( Religious Bigotry)

Pray against unbelievers eating the fruits of the Christians and leaving them empty

Pray against Fire outbreaks in markets; Anambra, Kwara, Kaduna,Benue and Lagos.

More flood and dangerous heat wave that will consume many lives. (Globally) 


Theresa May will experience political trauma

There will be heavy tension between Saudi and Turkey

Trump will have the worst political fight in His tenure this year

Pray against Military plane crash in SA

Pray against more fire outbreak, earthquake and plane crash in Australia, USA, Germany, South Africa

Pray against intending coup plot in Congo (DRC)

Death threat to Mugabe’s Health

Libya will experience another political uproar

Sierra Leone should watch out against political crises

The fight in Syria will reduce

Isreal will discover more mineral resources, and will have serious problem with HAMAS which will bring death of more Palestinians and Isreal will loose few of their civilians and soldiers.

The World should watch out against the violence of Russian and Ukraine.



  1. Pray against the killings of innocent people because it will be serious
  2. Pray against insurgent attacks, it wants to greatly resume
  3. The international communities will come against the president of Nigeria
  4. More Nigerians on corrupt list will be jailed.
  5. Some senators and governors will be dropped at court verdict
  6. Pray against inflation
  7. Activities of the devil will be serious in the Church and many will drop from their Faith
  8. The Country may slip out of the Presidents’ hands if he messes up
  9. One of the leaders of the Cabals will suddenly break down with illness which will lead to his death
  10. More muslims will be converted 
  11. Hatred for the President will increase more from the public
  12. The Devil will want to bring disunity amongst family members
  13. More single ladies will get married and wombs opened
  14. Suleja in Niger,Bukuru,Ryom, and Jos North in Plateau, Kogi and Bauchi will receive attack so we should pray for them
  15. Yobe will receive more heat from insurgents
  16. Governor Wike of Rivers State will have the worst year of his political career
  17. Dirty deals will be exposed in the senate against the senate president
  18. Churches and many altars will be exposed
  19. A new tongue and fire in Spring well amongst members
  20. In Nigeria many party leaders will fight themselves which will lead to creating a new Political party
  21. APC will loose its credibility conspicuously
  22. Fire outbreak in one major market in the Country
  23. There will be a lot of strikes and people moving on the streets kicking against the Govt. and failure
  24. Ebola disease if not careful will come back so Nigeria should watch out 
  25. Enough rain that will cause landslide in Southern part of Nigeria
  26. More jobs opportunity
  27. Rate of drugs will increase with the youth this year is a year of revival with fire
  28. The reality of the end time will be eminent this year
  29. A thick dark cloud moving towards the Northern part and not for rain
  30. Drought will be experienced in the Northern part of the Country
  31. The health of the president will be challenged vigorously because many people are praying for him to die
  32. Prominent men who have helped in destroying the Country and many military officers will be caught in corruption
  33. The secret powers of many Pastors will be exposed 
  34. There will be tussle of power to remove the Governor of Edo State


  1. A lot of boiling and fighting in the middle East
  2. A threat against Isreal from Iran but Isreal will strike
  3. The UK prime minister will succeed and will make history in BREXIT
  4. Sudanese President that was removed will be challenged with his health which might lead to his death 
  5. Terror in UK
  6. Earthquake in Indonesia
  7. Pray for Trump as there will be more fight against him because he will bring America to a greater heights
  8. The two major Political parties in America will want to fight themselves
  9. More gun attack in American Churches



  1. 2021 will be tough but my children will survive
  2. Nigeria will experience a high rate of insecurity
  3. The Lord said I should tell the President, Ministers, Senators and Rep. Members that “Mene Mene Tekel”
  4. That he will struggle to rule the Nation
  5. That there will be serious fight amongst the National Assembly Members
  6. More prominent Nigerians will die; Minister, Senator, Rep members not by COVID-19 but strange sickness
  7. I saw a finger that appeared to pick a woman from Villa
  8. Faith of Christians will grow to a large point
  9. More kidnapping and New year killing by Boko Haram
  10. The Economy of Nigeria will slip downwards
  11. Biafra agitation will be high
  12. Heavy rainfall this year to cause a lot of damages
  13. Pray against attack in Abuja
  14. There will be scandal on Akpabio, Wike, Amaechi, and Minister of petroleum will be high
  15. Mass Earthquake in China, part of UK, Hong Kong and Australia
  16. South Africa’s Economy will fail and Sudan should watch out
  17. Pray against a decision in Redeem as I see people running away
  18. Trump will surprise the World and Biden will be hated and his strength will fail him
  19. I saw a cloud breaking into two lines from the North towards Kwara and part of Enugu
  20. Kings fighting over a large portion of Land
  21. Boko Haram will be empowered greatly
  22. Pray against bombings in Schools and Churches
  23. The Eagle in the flag falling and the Horses fighting themselves (The Sovereignty of the Nation has been tampered with)
  24. Nigeria will go into serious debt as some States will not be able to pay salaries and may downsize
  25. Many Senators will run out of cash and their people will face them
  26. Another dimension of protest in a different way
  27. The secret of the presidency will be exposed
  28. Pray against the sudden death of a Governor who will sleep and not wake up
  29. Pray against plane crash
  30. Pray against serious theft
  31. There will be another mode of strike
  32. The Youth of Northern Nigeria especially the North Eastern part should stand up and pray as many will not survive
  33. I will raise a young leader that his name has never been heard
  34. A lot of celebration for the single ladies between March and April
  35. Tinubu should be watchful with his health this year as it will want to fail him
  36. There shall be a shakeup of the service chiefs